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Doing home wiring electrical projects can be intimidating. Even a small mistake can have disastrous results. This is why in every State a license is required to perform electrical work. Be sure to follow these simple steps before hiring an electrical contractor to be sure you get the best job at the best price.

Most people looking to hire an electrical contractor usually start by asking family members, friends or neighbors for a referral. While this seems to be the best way to start it's the least reliable. Rarely are these referrals based on competencies, but rather on personal connections like they're a friend of a friend. This however doesn't mean that the referral is not a good one. Just make sure and put these referrals through the same critical consideration as you would a blind referral from the phone book or from an electrical contractor website found on a Google search.

How To Look and Find an Electrical Contractor and Master Electrician Near You

First due a web search targeted to the local geographical region you need work done (I.E. Electrical contractor North Andover, MA.) Go to multiple websites and look at the information they provide in their marketing materials. It's important to see this information in writing to make sure you are dealing with a reputable company.

A phone call should follow your investigation to ask the questions not answered on their website.
Create a unique file folder for each company you interview to place printed documents and formalize notes on your findings.

NOTE: These questions should be addressed before you meet with an electrical contractor for a formal quote.

Here is a list of key considerations before hiring an electrician or electrical contractor:

Is the electrician licensed and certified in your state?
How to find an Elecrtical Contractor Is the electrician bonded and fully insured? By whom?
Request to see an active certificate of liability from their insurance company.
Is there a permanent business address and telephone number? Do they answer the phone when you call?
How long has the company been in business?
Is the contractor a member of business associations like a Contractors Union, State Regulatory Association etc.?
Check with the Better Business Bureau and other resources for the contractor's reliability report.
Google search their name with complaints after it and see what comes up.
Do they have testimonials from previous clients on their website?
Do they offer a guarantee in writing for their services?
Do they offer a free initial consultation to inspect the job area?

Ask For Referrals and References

Ask for references from people that had a problem with their job going as planned.
Ask for long-term supplier references to learn about their ethics and payment history.
Be sure you contact their references and make notes.

We recommend printing any documents on any company you decide to interview.
Once this information checks out you're now ready to schedule a live interview and consultation for a formal quote.

Contacting Electrical Contractors Referrals and References

Have a unique file folder for each company you interview. Here are some questions to ask when calling.

Questions to Ask When Calling an Electrical Contractors Referrals

When calling you usually have to leave a message because often people screen personal calls.

Maine Electrical Service Company Helpin Elecrical Was their estimate the actual price you paid?
Were there additional items added after the fact?
How was the project managed?
What was the quality of their communication during the work process?
Was the work performed as scheduled?
How would you describe the contractor's ethics?
Did they clean-up after themselves?
Were they polite and dressed with clean work clothes?
Would you hire them again?

Questions to Ask When Calling an Electrical Contractors Supplier References

When calling ask for accounts receivable - usually an easy department to reach. Explain the reason for your call right up front.
Try and read between the lines on their willingness to share information and their tone of voice or demeanor regarding the contractor.

Electrical Contractor Serving Portland Maine How long have you sold to them?
Do they pay their bills promptly?
Have you ever had any problems with them?
How did they resolve any problem issue?
Are they easy to work worth?
Do they return calls promptly?
Would you hire them to do work for you?
Is there someone who deals with them regularly that they I could get transferred to?

If a company is highly reluctant to share information it's usually a sign of some problems.

Once references check out, then it's time to schedule an interview or initial consultation to get a quote and formal proposal.


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