Getting A Formal Quote From The Electrical Contractor

Before interviewing any contractor be sure to do your due diligence in researching electrical contractors so that you won't waste their time or yours. If you received positive feedback from your initial research then go ahead and schedule an appointment to meet with the contractor.

Schedule a Free Consultations and Get a Formal Proposal or Quote Estimate
First confirm that they do offer a an initial consultation free of charge. Ask each contractor to bring proof of bonding, insurance, licenses and certifications. You want to be sure that you will not be held responsible for any on-the-job injuries or damages to your home.

Schedule at Least Three Electrical Contractors To Get Estimates to Compare
Since costs for labor and materials may fluctuate throughout the year, try and get all of your estimates within a short period of time for accurate comparisons. Use a unique file folder for each company you interview. Note if the contractor arrives on time or communicates if an emergency arises. You want your electrical contractor to be honest and prompt in their communications with you. If one contractor recommends additional work make note and ask the other electricians for their input as well.

The Interview is Their Chance to Sell Themselves To You
Initially let the contractor do the talking. This is your chance to gather information and see if the contractor feels honest and ethical to you.

Questions You Should Be Asking Your Electrical Contractor
So that you don't waste their time or miss the opportunity to ask the right questions while they're there, make a list of questions in advance of the meeting. Make a list of specific questions related to your project and your personal concerns. Here are some items to help you ascertain information you should be considering.

Did they bring the requested documents?
Who will perform the work? Be sure of their qualification get it in writing on the formal proposal.
Do they use sub-contractors? If yes, get their license and insurance information in writing also.
How do they handle unexpected job complications, whose responsible?
What happens if something arises that is not part of the written agreement but required to complete the job?
Who cleans-up work waste? Get this too in writing on the formal proposal.
If there is construction holes in drywall ... will they fix those?
If not do they have a professional reference to fix those holes? (Compare pricing on this with other quotes)
As a side note most electricians are not professionals at drywall work ... so ask lots of questions to be sure you're comfortable.
What happens if there are delays? With permitting, sick workers, material delivery, weather, etc.
What happens if they go over schedule?
What recourse do you have if they do? Get this in writing too.
Request more references and referrals as you deem necessary.

Be sure you contact their references and take good notes. Have a unique file folder for each company you interview.

Finally you get the written proposals so now it's time to decide; here's some more information to consider before you commit.


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