Compare Electrical Contractor Estimates and Decide

Once you receive each quote or proposal thoroughly evaluate each one. The contract should contain the following requirements:

Material list - on all items to be purchased and a warrantee by the contractor. If they provide the materials and they're defective they will incur the cost of any rework. Labor costs - detailing the exact description of work to be completed. Permitting - make certain that all permitting is handled by the Contractor never be responsible for this. See below . Start Date - get firm start dates and expected completion date. Payments - be sure payment terms are detailed and never pay the final amount due until you are totally satisfied with the job. Warranty - get guarantees and warrantee on the contractors work and specifics on materials (manufacturers warrantee).

Building Permits For Master Electrician Work

Be certain that requirements for building permits is the responsibility of the contractor. Never take on the permitting responsibility, if delays occur you'll take the blame. The contractor should already have a working relationships with town officials and certainly they have experienced knowledge of the permitting process.

Choosing The Right Electrical Contractors Bid

Never make your decision entirely on the final bid amount. Usually after you've completed your due diligence research and consultation interviews you should have a preference. If you have a preference but the pricing seems out whack be sure to discuss that with your preferred contractor. The lowest bid is not always the best value there are other considerations; the materials used, the time frame for completion and your personal gut check. When you're in doubt trust your instincts, sometimes there are subtle things we can't always pinpoint. Always trust your 6th sense of intuition.

Beware of Contractors Offering a Discount

A fair estimate should be good for more than one day, so don't be quick to sign a contract on the day you receive the estimate. A big red flag of caution should pop in your head if you're pressured by a low price offer. A hard sell is usually a sign of desperation or of a sales person wanting a commission check. You want to have plenty of time to think about your offers and do any final reference checking before you commit.

Now You've Finally Made Your Decision

You agree to move forward with the right contractor. Now because of your hard work and due diligence your contractor will take responsibility for any materials that arrive late or are defective, workers who become ill, the whims of Mother Nature and what ever other unexpected events occur. You can now feel confident that you have made the best choice in contractors to meet your expectations. Now treat your contractor with the respect and consideration they deserve especially if unexpected problems arise during the project.


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